Rules of use - Halalite

You can utilize these Offers any day of the week, given they are between the working hours of the issued merchant.
If the deal is marked “multiple”, only then user can redeem it any number of times.
Must be shown before requesting the bill or making the payment.
After you download the Halalite App with your details, you will be offered a trial period. During this time, user can access full premium membership benefits for the given period of time.
HALALITE will not be held accountable for any refusal from any trader at any venue which accept HALALITE vouchers; though, we will use practical efforts to correct the situation.
Deals are not valid in conjunction with any other discount offers, promotions, special menu items or loyalty/rewards programs
Purchase one item and get another one for free that has an equal or lesser value
Spend a minimum amount and get some amount back.
Get a discount on certain items purchased
A complimentary offer for your special occasion
These vouchers are only valid for take-away and dine in. It is not valid for delivery.
You can contact us in case of any conflicts; however, the merchant has the right to deny the offer.
The utilization of the offers provided by HALALITE by its members is subjected to these Rules of Use (which is denoted as “Rules") and any terms of use that are mentioned related to the Offers. It is imperative that the members must vigilantly read the Rules prior to availing any Offer.

It is very simple to redeem any of our options through the app:

Choose your selected Offer to redeem on the App.
Click the redeem button on the chosen offer,it will ask merchant pin, then show that screenat the counterbefore you make any payment.
The merchant is then supposed to enter their PIN
Once they enter the PIN code, the Offer will instantly be redeemedand the client will be able to avail the discount or free offer at the time of payment.
Please note that the merchant holds the power to apply or reject the discount in their system.You may send us feedback in case you want to highlight consecutive rejections or some conflicts.

We hold the right to change and/or eliminate an Offer at any time without being held responsible for it on HALALITE. It is essential to remember that the offers can ONLY be cashed in with the issuing merchant and the location mentioned on the offer. These Offers may apply to only a limited number of items/services and at specified location(s).Offers are exclusive and cannot be redeemed in combination with any other promotions, discount offers, loyalty rewards program, or special offers. The offers cannot be paid in cash or can be resale. Any unauthorized imitation or modification of any Offer is forbidden. The Offers automatically go void if they are traded.